MI Varnish™

MI Varnish™

MI Varnish™

Bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) for an enhanced varnish treatment

Support, replenish and protect with the stroke of a brush. Introducing MI Varnish™, the latest addition to your minimum intervention dentistry arsenal. Offering superior coverage of tooth surfaces, MI Varnish™ does substantially more than your average fluoride varnish.

MI Varnish™ delivers a powerful dose of fluoride, with the added booster effect of the calcium and phosphate ions through its patented RECALDENT™ technology.
•    High initial fluoride release
•    Minimises tooth sensitivity and strengthens enamel
•    Neutral pH of 6,6 enhances enamel acid resistance and inhibits demineralization
•    Penetrates dentinal tubules effective to form a good seal
•    Simple application requires no preparation or prophylaxis
•    Sticks to applicator brushes and flows easily in hard to reach areas
•    Does not clump or coagulate when exposed to saliva
•    Neutral shade with natural translucency
•    Available in 2 flavours - Strawberry and Mint



Treatment of all hypersensitivities related to dentine exposure

Proven Effective

MI Varnish™ effectively penetrates and blocks dentinal tubules to give relief to hypersensitive teeth


MI Varnish™ Clinic Pack
    100 unit doses (either Strawberry or Mint)
    100 brushes

MI Varnish™ Refill pack
    35 unit doses (either Strawberry or Mint)
    50 brushes

Each unit dose contains 0.50 ml