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1921 GC Chemicals Research Laboratory established in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
1922 GC's first product, Standard cement, fails to establish itself on the market.
1925 Crystalline cement developed and introduced at the Japan Dental Association's general conference.
1927 Modeling compound developed.
1934 Incorporated as a joint-stock company with Yoshinosuke Enjo as president and Kiyoshi Nakao as executive director.
1938 New plant completed in Itabashi.
1941 20th anniversary. Company renamed GC Chemicals Research Laboratory.
1946 Company renamed GC Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. with Kiyoshi Nakao as president.
1948 Plant for manufacturing porcelain teeth built, and production of porcelain and acrylic resin teeth begins.
1951 American dentistry delegation arrives in Japan. Under the instruction of Dr.
Paffenburger, GC develops new products that meet ADA standards. This is the Blue Band series.
1953 Technicol, alginate impression material developed.
1956 GC Membership Society founded.
1957 Surflex rubber-based impression material developed. Surstone superhard gypsum developed.
1959 GC Toshi Kogyo Corporation established in Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture.
1965 Unilux diatric porcelain tooth developed.
1966 Succeeded in production of spherical amalgam alloy.
1969 Hongo Annex built in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
1971 GC International Corp. established.
1972 European branch opened in Belgium.
Livdent plastic anterior tooth developed.
1973 Company renamed GC Dental Industrial Corporation, and GC Dental Equipment Corp. established.
1974 Livdent FB-30 developed.
1976 Fuji-Oyama Factory completed in Oyama, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Fuji-Rock superhard stone developed.
1977 Fuji Ionomer, a revolutionary new glass ionomer cement, developed and goes on sale.
1978 Exaflex, a PVS (Polyvinyl silicone) impression material, goes on sale.
1981 GC becomes a member of the American Dental Trade Association (ADTA).
U.S.A. Branch opened in Scottsdale, Arizona.
60th Anniversary. President Toshio Nakao announces the concept of GQC.
1982 Prospec, a preventive dentistry product, developed.
1983 Makoto Nakao appointed president.
FDI Tokyo Convention.
1984 New building complex for GC International Corp.'s European Branch built.
1989 European Factory built in Belgium.
Graft LC, a light-cured composite resin, developed.
1990 UK-based ICI's dental care division acquired.
1991 EOM-α, Dental unit, goes on sale.
70th anniversary. In commemoration, name changed from GC Dental Industrial Corporation to GC Corporation, and GC Toshi Kogyo Corporation renamed GC Dental Products Corp.
1992 The world's first ligh-cured glass ionomer filling material, GC Fuji Ionomer Type II LC released.
GC America established.
GC Italy established.
1993 Fuji-Oyama Factory Distribution Center completed.
1994 Second European Factory completed.
President Makoto Nakao assumes chairmanship of IDM (International Dental Manufacturers Federation)
Dental industry's first company to acquire ISO9001 certification.
GCB (Belgium) acquires ISO9002 certification.
1995 President Makoto Nakao awarded the insignia of Commander of the Crown of Belgium.
GCA (America) acquires ISO9001 certification.
GCDP acquires ISO9002 certification.
Shift from GQC to GQM activities.
1996 International Dental symposium, organized in commemoration of 40th GC Membership Society 75th company anniversaries.
1998 Fuji Lute (Plus) reinforced glass ionomer luting cement released.
ISO14001 certification acquired.
1999 GC "Green System" commenced operation.
2000 GC Corporation received The Deming Application Prize.
2001 80th anniversary.
2002 Expansion of manufacturing and logistics operations in U.S.A. & Europe.
2003 GC Dental Products Corporation received The Deming Application Prize.
GC Dental (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. construction completed.
ISO 13485 certification acquired.
2004 Awarded the Japan Quality Medal.
2005 President Makoto Nakao appointed 6th Chairman of Japan Dental Trade Association.
GC Corporation ranked 18th in Nikkei's Quality Management Survey.
Work started on Itabashi Site Redevelopment Project.
2006 The new R&D building opened
(The first phase of the headquater's construction completed).
The International Dental Symposium commemorating 50th anniversary of GC Membership Society.
The 30th anniversary of Fuji Oyama Factory.
2007 The first phase of the construction of new R&D building is completed.
GC Corporation received Privacy Mark Certification.
GC Corporation ranked 14th in Nikkei's Quality Management Survey.
2008 The 2nd phase of the construction of new R&D building completed.
GC Europe Campus (Meeting & Education Centre) opened.
2009 Ranked 8th in the "Nikkei's Corporate Quality Management Survey".
Construction start of New Hongo Building.
Construction start of New Prosthodontic Research Center.
2010 Protho Research Center opened.
Ranked 3rd in the "Nikkei's Corporate Quality Management Survey".
2011 GC Corporate Center (new headquarter) opened.
90th Anniversary
The 3rd international Dental Symposium commemorating 55th anniversary of GC Membership Society.
2012 GC R&D Center in Itabashi Site completed.
President Makoto Nakao awarded the Deming Prize for Individuals.
2013 Extension of GC Corporate Center completed.
GC International AG in Switzerland established.
Makoto Nakao appointed chairman and Kiyotaka Nakao appointed president.
Kamulier opened.

Crystalline cement

American dentistry delegation

GC Toshi Kogyo Corp. at time of establishment

Completion of Fuji-Oyama Factory

Insignia of Commander of the Crown of Belgium

Deming Award ceremony

International Dental symposium

The Japan Quality Award ceremony

International Dental Symposium 2006

New R&D building

GC Europe Campus