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G-CEM LinkForce

G-CEM LinkForce

G-CEM LinkForce

Dual cure adhesive luting cement




  • Universal indications
  • Uncompromising strength and adhesion
  • Fast and easy application
  • Aesthetics and durable margins
  • Consistent quality and performance




One Universal System, 3 Strong Links

  • G-Multi PRIMER: One primer for all substrates
    Stable chemical adhesion on all surfaces, even on precious metals
  • G-Premio BOND: Premium bonding for all preparation
    Bonds to teeth, metal abutments and composite core build-ups
  • G-CEM LinkForce: Strong link in all indications
    Universal without limitations in indications or substrates


Light Cure, Dual Cure: The Choice Is Yours

  • High bond strength thanks to an efficient light-curing of the bonding
    Very thin 3µm film thickness not interfering with crown placement
  • Efficient self-cure mode
    Particularly useful when luting opaque or thick restorations
  • Optimal light-curing of the resin cement
    Ideal for the luting of veneers

High Strength And Wear Resistance

Optimal Aesthetics

•    4 shades to match all needs, accompanied by their corresponding try-in pastes
•    Tooth–like fluorescence
•    Color stability over time
•    Just 4µm
•    Guaranteed adaptation


G-CEM LinkForce Starter Kit
1 x G-CEM LinkForce A2 OR Translucent 8.7g (5mL)
20 x GC Automix Tip Regular
1 x G-Multi PRIMER (5mL)
1 x G-Premio BOND (5mL)

G-CEM LinkForce 8.7g (5mL) # Translucent / A2 / Opaque / Bleach
G-CEM LinkForce Try-In Paste 1.5g (1.2mL) # Translucent / A2 / Opaque / Bleach
G-Premio BOND, 5mL
G-Premio BOND DCA, 3mL
G-Multi PRIMER 5mL